AI enabled Law Enforcement Arrives – IBM Visual Inspector at a Glance

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Employ Mobile Devices with IBM Visual Insights and Inspector + Twilio + MQTT

Learn how computer vision technology can help us identify objects of interest. For ex, an agency (perhaps law enforcement) might be looking for a specific motor vehicle.


We will use four tools including IBM Visual Insights, IBM Visual Inspector, Twillo, and MQTT. You will see how a user can upload data using their mobile device for automating image capture and inferencing.

IBM Visual Insights makes computer vision with deep learning more accessible to business users. IBM Visual Insights includes an intuitive toolset that empowers subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models, without coding or deep learning expertise. It includes the most popular deep learning frameworks and their dependencies, and it is built for easy and rapid deployment and increased team productivity. By aligning IBM Visual Insights software with accelerated IBM Power Systems, enterprises can rapidly deploy a fully optimized and supported platform with blazing performance. However, IBM Visual Insights is also now supported on Intel/x86 servers.

Using a combined IBM Visual Insights and IBM Visual Inspector solution, customers can immediately gain access to computer vision and video analytics on 5G Edge Computing devices. The untapped potential of edge clusters and gateways can empower businesses— such as manufacturers —to reduce time to market, rapidly identify errors, and lower costs.

IBM Visual Inspector is an iPhone/iPad app that interacts with an IBM Visual Insights instance to supply images and videos for model training and/or to supply images for classification via inferencing on the iPhone/iPad itself or on the IBM Visual Insights instance. This offering relies on an IBM Visual Insights instance that we can provide, and an iPhone or iPad provided by you.

Use case

There are many use cases for these technologies. In factories the world over, humans have long been inspecting parts coming off manufacturing lines to weed out and discard defective ones. Today, IBM Visual Insights and IBM Visual Inspector can replace humans performing this dull and tedious task. An iPhone or iPad with IBM Visual Inspector can take pictures and process the images with a model trained to recognize defective parts. Another example is parts recognition or inspection in the field by a service technician. By simply snapping a picture of a part on his or her iPhone or iPad with IBM Visual Inspector, a technician can quickly determine what the part is, or if the part is defective.

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DIY Steps –

Expect to spend an hour or two familiarizing yourself with the document we provide and getting your iPhone or iPad set up properly, and your IBM Visual Insights instance scheduled.

Then expect to spend two or three days taking pictures, uploading their images, labeling objects in the images, and training and testing a model in IBM Visual Insights.

Once you have a trained model, you’ll learn how to use that model with the Visual Inspector app on your iPhone or iPad.

Amplify your QA with computer vision on iOS

IBM® Visual Inspector is a native iOS/iPadOS mobile app designed to enhance the capabilities of IBM Visual Insights (previously IBM PowerAI Vision) by rapidly enabling visual inspections when devices are handheld or mounted in fixed locations, such as production lines.

Business leaders need an easier way to reduce manufacturing errors, and Visual Inspector works together with data management and training hardware to provide real-time computer vision quality inspection.

Visual Inspector takes complex computer vision models developed on IBM Visual Insights (previously IBM PowerAI Vision)—the end-to-end, point-and-click, deep-learning platform—and performs inferencing using an iOS/iPadOS device and its integrated camera. This allows you to dramatically improve production quality and speed so as to error-proof your manufacturing.

Using Visual Inspector, you can accomplish the following:

Leverage object detection and image classification models trained on IBM Visual Insights (previously IBM PowerAI Vision) for remote inferencing
Monitor inspection performance down to each device and its location through an integrated reporting dashboard when multiple devices have been deployed
Provide remote management and configuration of Visual Inspector instances running on remote devices using an integrated supervisor capability
Empower individuals within the enterprise to act in real time by leveraging Visual Inspector to determine if defects, damage, or other anomalies exist

Visual Inspector helps you make AI more accessible and simplifies the process of training, deploying, running, and managing computer vision models by leveraging the capabilities of compatible devices. This enables highly efficient and accurate visual inspection, whether devices are mounted at a fixed location such as a manufacturing environment, or handheld by field workers across many industries.
mobile phone with views of Visual Inspector

Discover visual inspector

Performs visual inspection using portable, COTS hardware (iOS/iPadOS devices)

Provides immediate, actionable notifications via email or SMS

Scales globally with universally familiar hardware and operating system

Designed for simple operation requiring minimal human training

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